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Sci Friday: The Vampires, Werewolves, Gods & Glory of Urban Fantasy March 4, 2013

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Yeah right. Urban fantasy is indeed booming



~Post by Tommy. Original artwork by Alex Rosental.

Fantasy. When we talk about this genre the first images that leap to mind are mighty wizards, ancient dragons, epic heroes, and fair maidens. But these days fantasy isn’t just confined to alternate realms and made up worlds; Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and a whole legion of other modern day cities are playing host to the supernatural now. The idea of urban fantasy is that the supernatural world exists alongside our own and, generally, only a few people know about it. Is that guy playing with his iPad in the corner a vampire? Are there giant talking spiders living in a park in London? are the Greek gods still having children who are destined to save the world? These are the questions that urban fantasy seeks to answer with, often, fast paced adventure stories. Though it has been in the last decade…

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